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Aldo Tolino teaches me how to crumple

I received a wonderful email from Aldo Tolinoionoi on flickr- with a link to a YouTube video he created that teaches you how to crumple paper, Vincent Floderer-style.

He says that he learned this technique last year at the Salzburg Origami Masters exhibition, in a class taught by Paul Jackson. (who apparently taught this technique to Floderer, as well!)

I really can’t believe that it’s this easy to do! so much fun. This was my first attempt, using a spare napkin laying around the office kitchen.

The video:


  1. Administrator says

    Thanks, Aldo! I really appreciate you sharing this video with me, it made it very easy to learn how to do this. It’s quite a bit of fun to do, and definitely stress relieving!

    Floderer is most definitely the master of this technique, by far. He’s amazing.


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