Month: September 2005

New Photo Gallery!

I installed the latest version of Gallery (2.0, right now) from Menalto. it’s a very nice open source gallery software. I’m currently filling it in with photos, and I’m excited about the ability to keep it up to date- no more lagging horribly behind my Flickr photostream. my new gallery is located here! -Eric

Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park Originally uploaded by Origomi. this really isn’t origami, but it’s really neat software. it’s called Autostitch, and it’s free (for now). it AUTOMATICALLY generates panoramas from a set of panoramic shots. this is HUGE! no work! and the output is amazing. go give it a try! it’s fun!

logarithmic patterns, and rediscovering the wheel.

I had an email this morning from Melisande, asking about whether the logarithmic patterns required a computer or if they could be done by hand. now, I’ve done them by hand, but I also used the PC to make it easier. after looking at some of my old work files, I realized I have already folded perfectly logarithmic shapes with octagonal symmetry. ugh! I already knew how to do it! very frustrating. the processes for the more complex stuff are still things worth learning, so it’s OK, but I’m happy/frustrated to learn that I’ve solved some of this problem already. -Eric