1. Jennie says

    Really glad to see some new photos. Your work is beautiful! I love unison, really beautiful. You’re arabesque flourish has gotten the better of me though- I just cannot figure it out. But thanks a bunch for giving me a challenge 🙂

  2. Beautiful. Reconstructing on a macro level what nature does on a micro level everyday. So neat, patient, painstaking. Thank you

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  4. Paris Shauan says

    Hi Eric, I am a long time fan. I have recently found a way to collapse your awesome rhombic flagstone into a regular rhombic triacontohedron. It involves cutting and gluing, and then joining two “halves” into one whole. I will try to post a pic if you’re interested.

  5. Nancy says

    Good luck at the artist roundtable talk. I have a great interest in translucent paper for folding and find them most expressive for tessellation folding. I have been using gift wrapping tissue paper myself but maybe I will try with hand made paper too. Thanks for the inspiration.


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