Year: 2010

stars and leaves

stars and leaves, originally uploaded by Imagirom. Saw this beautiful piece by Imagirom, a newcomer to our Origami Tessellations group on Flickr. He’s been folding some great things lately, and this one really struck me. I like the way it’s an abstract representation of some real things, it goes beyond the normal sort of pattern and becomes something even more. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

Dodecagon Flagstone CP

dodecagon flagstone CP

Here’s a basic crease pattern for a dodecagonal flagstone pattern, overlaid on top of a triangular grid. The spacing between the hinges is not equal all around the dodecagon, but the actual tessellation itself is the proper dual of the 12.12.3 tessellation (two dodecagons and an equilateral triangle.) What that means is we get two really big spiky 12-sided things and smaller triangular twists between them. I haven’t tried it but if you actually squashed these they would probably overlap! I like them in their “uncollapsed” state, as I think they are more interesting as rigidly foldable constructs… If you want to download the PDF version of this file, you can get it here: Here’s the folded version:

a new work, and Ohio

a new work, originally uploaded by EricGjerde. I recently finished this piece and sent it off for a show in Ohio (The FAVA Folding Festival, organized by James Peake and Ray Schamp). I think it’s making it’s way from there to another show later on in the year at the Sandusky Cultural Center, also in Ohio. On top of that, I’m going to be in Ohio later on this summer for the first Midwestern origami convention- creatively titled “Centerfold“. (Being in Minnesota, I’m not so sure that I think of Ohio as the “center”, but I digress.) So I seem to be interacting with Ohio quite a bit this summer. Looking forward to meeting some new people while I’m out there visiting! There’s a good amount of behind-the-scenes work going on here in the studio as of late, with some very curious constructions coming together and a lot of large-scale work being done… photos and more info to come soon. It’s going to be quite a sight. hope all is well, let’s talk again soon, …