Year: 2007

Vertebral Stretch

Vertebral Stretch – 3D Wigglies

I’ve been experimenting with this three dimensional folded structure for a little while now, and for reference I’ve created a simple crease pattern in case anyone wants to fold this. You can grab one of two versions – one on a grid, and one without. They are much smaller versions meant for reference understanding; just expand the construct to make it larger. The version superimposed on a grid: (sorry for the misalignment, this was done for reference purposes only, not for publication anywhere!) I hope you enjoy, and if you fold one of these please send me a photo! I’d love to see how it turns out.

Andrew Hudson’s exploratory work

I’ve been following the continued explorations of Andrew Hudson, via his Flickr stream. Lately, he’s been working with a series of three-dimensional tessellation structures, particularly stretched pleats and box pleating. These are some areas that I have explored recently as well – there’s much fertile ground here for new ideas. Seeing what he thinks of and all his conceptual work is very inspiring, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his constructs as time goes on. Here’s a small sampling of his work, with links to the original flickr images. Check out this box pleated house structure – imagine pleating together a whole city? Andrew linked to this additional blog post, as well, with another fantastic box-pleated house… it serves as a good example of what can be further be done. This reminds me, of course, of a recent work by one of my favorite Italian origami creators, Lorenzo Marchi. When I see this design, all I can think of is a proto-city, waiting for tall skinny skyscrapers to grow upwards, making an entire …

Current and Future Exhibitions

I recently shipped 5 pieces to Vancouver for an upcoming exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery, coinciding with the PCOC 2007 convention. Much of it is new work, representing some new folding concepts and ideas that I have been exploring lately. Night Creature, 2007

Kirigami Book by Jeff Rutzky now available!

Our good friend Jeff Rutzky recently wrapped up a book on kirigami, which is packaged in a delightful boxed kit. It’s now available at Barnes & Noble stores, as well as online at Kirigami: Exquisite Projects to Fold and Cut ( We’re particularly fond of this book because it features some pieces by my wife Bekah as well a piece inspired by some of my tessellation ideas. I’ve talked about Bekah’s kirigami work previously; she has been very pleased about the opportunity to contribute to Jeff’s book. It also features work from some of my favorite paper artists, including Paul Jackson, Chris Palmer, Christiane Bettens, Ingrid Siliakus, Fernando Sierra, Jen Stark, and many more. I think perhaps my favorite feature of the book was the quantity of art included- as motivational and inspirational examples of what is out there in the world of paper cutting. I can honestly say that it opened my eyes to some things I had never even thought possible. Congratulations on the book release Jeff!

Tessellation primer booklet

Tessellation Basics booklet now available – free PDF!

Well, I had all the best intentions to add more content to this booklet – but it’s hard for me not to just put in all the material from my book! So I’m posting it now in the same format that I used at the Origami USA convention this summer. Download the PDF This document is just a small taste of the material from the book, put together from some of the draft work and preliminary writings. The final product is quite lengthier and more detailed, as well as more polished. (Editors are very good at taking text like mine and making it readable!) This 8 page booklet is meant to be printed on 11×17 (or A3, in a pinch) double-sided- so it can be folded into a proper booklet shape. I had a lot of fun putting this together- thanks again to Jamie and Jeff for helping me to create and format this document!