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Vertebral Stretch – 3D Wigglies

Vertebral Stretch

Vertebral Stretch

I’ve been experimenting with this three dimensional folded structure for a little while now, and for reference I’ve created a simple crease pattern in case anyone wants to fold this.

You can grab one of two versions – one on a grid, and one without. They are much smaller versions meant for reference understanding; just expand the construct to make it larger.

The version superimposed on a grid: (sorry for the misalignment, this was done for reference purposes only, not for publication anywhere!)

I hope you enjoy, and if you fold one of these please send me a photo! I’d love to see how it turns out.


  1. Kevin Chiang says

    Dear lord!

    Eric! I had no idea that you published your book!
    my mom is letting me buy books for christmas 😉 yours will definately be one of them…
    = )

    Merry Christmas Eric!

    -Kevin C.

  2. Tien Yin Yau says

    I love this!

    I folded one for my sister in Rome for Christmas. It completely blew her mind! I had a hard time getting it to lie flat though. She ended up wearing it as an upper arm cuff for a few days.

    Thanks for the diagram!

  3. Hey there! nice to hear from you!

    It doesn’t like to lay flat – it’s very springy and compressed, it likes to curve. Glue helps. 🙂

    You don’t have any photos of the one you made, do you? I’d love to see it!

  4. Tien Yin says

    I’ll get her to take a picture when she gets back from traveling. She certainly has enough photographer friends there. . .

    I started with a shorter one and only got it to lie flat with the help of some very heavy books. I finally found a use for all my expensive textbooks!

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