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Star by Shuzo Fujimoto

Logarithmic Star by Shuzo Fujimoto

I uploaded two crease patterns and some basic info on a star design by Shuzo Fujimoto; here’s my flickr post on the photo shown above.

I don’t really know what the title of this piece is; I saw a crease pattern in a book, and some basic illustrations of the finished design. This is my best effort at recreating the crease pattern and folding sequence, which I think comes out to be very close to Fujimoto’s finished design. I have no idea how he handled some of the collapses, so I did them in the method that makes the most sense to me.

This design is very similar to the star twist v2 I made a while back; this is actually the layout I had been trying to accomplish when I designed that piece. I knew it could be done, but the method has eluded me- and now I know that Fujimoto folded it back in 1976, two years before I was even born.

The folding on this model is really somewhat difficult- I actually folded a partial crease pattern first to get the methodology down, and figure out how I would do it; after that, it was pretty easy. Some of the steps seem illogical but make sense once you understand how it all works. I’d diagram it for you but I don’t particularly want to bring down the origami copyright nuts on my head, so you’re left to your own devices- but I’ll post the crease pattern. I’m not guaranteeing that it’s remotely accurate, but it works out for the pattern I folded here.

Diagram PDFs available here:

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