Month: August 2009

Rhombic Flowers

Hi everyone, I’m getting all packed and ready to head off to Japan tomorrow for the JOAS convention this weekend in Tokyo! They’ve honored me quite a bit by inviting me there as a guest, and I hope to make it a very tessellation-centric time 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new friends! I thought I’d post a crease pattern, as it’s been quite a long while… So here’s a full CP for a design a did a while back called “Rhombic Flowers”. I’m not sure I have a finished model of this pattern, it’s just an idea that was kicking around my head; but it looks pretty neat, using rhombus twists to make star shapes. A good exercise in playing with rhombic twists, for sure 🙂 Let me know what you think! It’s on a 64 pleat grid, but by no means do you need to start so large. a 32 grid would be perfectly fine to start, bonus points for doing it on hexagonal paper. (You’ll like the final pattern better …

Mother and Child

Mother and Child, originally uploaded by cedison. Christine Edison posted photos of this absolutely stunning piece. I am always impressed by her ability to take ideas and use them in new ways, creating completely unique and fascinating works. She’s been making quite a few beautiful organic pieces as of late – pop over to her Flickr stream to take a look.