I started folding origami in late 2004, looking to return to a childhood pastime and to engage my mind in more creative activities. Folding geometric patterns led from one thing to another, and I ended up exploring origami tessellations – a niche of origami folding that a few had explored previously but which was woefully under-represented in origami resources in print and online.

In 2005 I began sharing my folding discoveries (or re-discoveries, in so many cases!) on, a photo-sharing platform. This slowly attracted like-minded people who were als exploring this style of folding, and kicked off a very exciting and productive time of folding when many people got into the fun of folding tessellations.

This led to a book deal; in 2008, I published “Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs” with AK Peters, Ltd. It was the first book on origami tessellations, and covers many of the basics for how to fold the intricate, beautiful patterns that I and others were exploring online.

To date this remains the primary resource for learning the how-tos of origami tessellations, and is in its 5th printing (2016)!

There is also a new book, by a good friend, Benjamin Parker – which came out in late 2015 and is the second book out there on the subject. Ben is an intense folder and creates some truly astounding, complex works – this book is a wonderful insight into Ben’s creative process and is well worth checking out. AK Peters was purchased by CRC Press a few years back, and they are the publisher’s of Ben’s book as well – funny to think that only one publisher out there is giving voice to origami tessellations!