Month: September 2006

Italy Travel Suggestions?

So, Origami Tessellations (in the guise of Eric Gjerde) will be travelling to “Il Convegno del CDO in Verbania, Italy, on December 8-10. I should be rolling into Milan on the 7th, and heading back out sometime later on the next week (13th? 15th? something like that.) Right now I’ve got an open schedule, other than that Friday through Sunday, so if any other origami/math/design/art freaks in that region of Europe want to meet up I’ll be in the area. I’m contemplating staying in Milan for a day or two and then maybe checking out Firenze, although that’s all utterly unknown right now. Anybody have suggestions as to what I should go see? It’s going to be wintertime, but I think I can handle whatever Italy can throw at me- I do live in the coldest state in the continental US. There’s so much to see that I’m having a bit of cultural overload. I might have a travelling partner (my much cooler younger brother) to boot, if I’m lucky. If you’ve got some hints, …

Owesen’s Lightbox Tessellation

Lightbox Originally uploaded by Owesen. Astounding. Fredrik Owesen has a fantastic tessellation mixing illustration and non-regular polygons. This is the sort of irregular pleating that I have dreamed of making, and here it is! Again, Fredrik produces some first-rate work, showing us all something new and wonderful. Make sure to look at it large size and check it out!

Arabesque Flourish

Arabesque Flourish, close-up Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Another organic shape exploration, becoming increasingly architectural with each new thing I fold. Not exactly sure where I’m heading with all of this but it’s an interesting process nonetheless. For what it’s worth, this is my 2000th photo uploaded to flickr. It’s been an interesting year or so, hasn’t it?

Organic Folding by Paul Jackson

Organic Abstract Originally uploaded by sipmab. So I’ve been doing a lot of organic pleat folding lately, and several people have mentioned to me that what I’m doing resembles work done by Paul Jackson. This led me to go back and look through some of his work- you can see his gallery here. It’s really just amazing stuff. I’m trying to head down a slightly different path, but his work is very inspiring- I’d love to see more of it! This image is from sipmab’s photostream on Flickr, from the Hangar 7 origami expo. It’s one of Paul Jackson’s organic pieces. Much thanks for posting and sharing this on Flickr!

Pleat Explosion, experiment one

Pleat Explosion, experiment one Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Exploring different possibilities in folding; approaching tessellations from a more organic angle. My first attempt at this thought, not quite what I was envisioning but acceptable for the initial try. Made from light green elephant hide, wetfolded.