Month: April 2006

Fujimoto Precrease Method

So, there’s been a little ongoing conversation on Flickr the last few days talking about how long it takes you to precrease a sheet of paper with a triangular grid. Taking off from that point, it branched out a little bit into how we go about the actual folding process. Ryan (the one who started this conversation!) just posted his folding process, here. I’ve just changed my normal folding process to utilize a method that I saw in one of Fujimoto’s books; I had to make some guesses, but I think I figured it out so it’s roughly the same. I posted a series of photos detailing the folding process which works pretty well; however, I also recorded a quick video and uploaded it to You can click on the embedded video below and view the 4:30 movie, if you want more details.

Seven Points of Love

Seven Points of Love Originally uploaded by Ori-gomi. Folded this heptagonal star from some radial line grids- the rest is folded by guesstimation. I’ve been practicing this type of folding a lot lately, trying to get some better folding ability. I’m still not very good, but I’m getting better at it- it’s just going to take time, and that’s OK. Patience with these things is important. it’s all about having fun in the process. I like the way it looks, I just wish I could figure out a way to fold a centralized heptagon in a sheet of paper without needing printed guidelines. This is from a series of items generated by a script I had laying around- more posting on that later. -Eric

Double triangle twist, shadowfold view (by Andy Wilson)

Double triangle twist, shadowfold view Originally uploaded by cati1ine. We were all very pleased to see some tessellations from Andy Wilson posted on flickr, and added to the Origami Tessellations photo pool! Andy has been folding tessellations for quite a while, and has some really amazing work out there. He was the person who really inspired me to start folding tessellations, as his work was really some of the only photos available online to study and learn from. So he’s been quite an inspiration for my work, and I’m really pleased to see some new items from him- and have him join our little virtual tessellation group! He’s only got 2 photos on flickr right now, but if you have an account make sure to add him as a friend so you see his work pop up in the future! Flickr is free to use, and only costs money if you want to have more or less “unlimited” photo uploading abilities- I think it’s quite worth it, but you can post a lot of photos …

Paper Sculpture by Richard Sweeney

I saw these wonderful folded artworks by Richard Sweeney this morning, thanks to a tip from Oschene. There’s some very interesting concepts here, and some wonderful rounded shapes- reminiscent of Huffman’s curved folding, in some ways. Richard really must have spent a lot of time figuring out his folding techniques for these works- creating curves is amazingly hard to do accurately and cleanly! It’s some very impressive stuff, Richard- thanks for posting them on Flickr so the world can see your art. two wonderful examples- check out his whole photostream for more wonderful works