Month: March 2005

origami geom bugs

origami geom bugs Originally uploaded by RuTemple. check out the folding in the upper left- interesting stuff. a 3d octagon fold, I’ve been trying to come up with something using octagons for a long time now without success. maybe I need to try again! This is from a display at the Mingei Museum in San Diego, during their 2004 Origami exhibit.

first layer of star tower

first layer of star tower Originally uploaded by Origomi. this was just a monster pain. it came out OK, but it’s not what I thought it was. an interesting exercise though, and another set of folds to add to the notebook. I’m finding all the different permutations of basic folds to really be interesting to explore. I feel like I’m mapping them out, as if it’s completely new territory. of course it isn’t, as many have done this before, but it’s new to me and I decided to keep it that way. I know there are folks in the origami world who are much more adept at math than I (I just squeaked through calculus every semester, rather than acing it) but there’s more to origami than just the math. of course that’s an intrinsic part of it, but it’s important to not lose sight of all the other aspects of the art. because when things look pretty, it makes people happy.

Work in progress

Work in progress Originally uploaded by Origomi. I was unable to fold this flat; however, during that process of investigation, I found some other interesting folds. I haven’t been able to visualize or physically find a way to fold a 120 degree angle with a flat layer below… the way the paper folds just doesn’t let that happen, as much as I want it to. maybe something more complex will make it possible, but I’m not sure what that would be. However, I find that the more I try to work on attaining some specific goal, other things just seem to randomly pop up in the search. so I guess it’s all good.