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Joel Cooper’s Basket Weave, Crease pattern

Joel Cooper's Basket Weave, CP

Joel Cooper's Basket Weave, CP

This is a crease pattern for Joel Cooper’s “Basket Weave” design, which features so prominently in many of his tessellation designs. It may have other origins as well- Joel has said as much; however, I have only seen it in his work, and that’s the first place I saw this, so until I see otherwise I’m crediting him with the design.

That being said, here’s two different CP’s for it: one without a grid, and one with a grid. I highly recommend looking at the grid version to understand the spacing for this design, as it’s rather tightly packed together when folded.


To see some photos of what this looks like when folded, peruse some of Joel Cooper’s mask photos; or check out the examples I folded a while back, here.


  1. Yeah, it’s basically the same pattern. well, it’s not identical, but it’s the same geometry, just with some things a little longer or a little shorter, so I guess it’s in the same family, anyway.

    My grandmother had stitched pillows with these sorts of patterns on them when I was a kid, so I don’t think of it as a new pattern, really. In doing some research I have found this same pattern made in shibori silk designs from japan, too, although that’s a little different.

    Anyway, I always seem to keep finding new pages on Helena Verrill’s site which I’ve never seen before- I don’t know why that is! Thanks for pointing it out.

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