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Rebecca Gieseking

I’ve been very interested in this work from artist Rebecca Giesieking, particularly this latest piece, “Spiral Bowl”. Explorations of curved folds and organic structures are quite exciting to see. I look forward to her next work! -Eric   Spiral Bowl   Lidded Bowl Experiment with Diagonal Gores Octagonal Experiment Bowl

Vincent Floderer

A visit with Vincent Floderer

Last November, we had a chance to meet up with French artist Vincent Floderer, at his home and studio in southwestern France. I had always wanted to meet Vincent – his crumpling techniques and artistic style are unique, and extremely appealing to me in their wonderful organic style. I found him to be even more amazing in person than I could have imagined, and he gave me a lot to think about with regards to my own work. Here’s a few selected images and a short video clip from our visit, and some additional images from one of Vincent’s gallery exhibitions with Viereck Verlag last June.  

Andrea Russo: Stars in a sky of hexagons

Stars in a sky of hexagons, originally uploaded by AndreaRusso. My friend Andrea Russo folded this wonderful piece, titled “Stars in a sky of hexagons”, and posted it for me as a birthday gift. It makes great use of negative space – I love the negative space stars, which so nicely solve the problem of making an uncluttered star shape out of a single sheet of paper. Thanks for sharing this with me, Andrea!

Goran Konjevod: Hierarchical

hierarchical Originally uploaded by goran konjevod. Goran Konjevod has done a lot of work over the last few years combining math and art – the output is fantastic things like this new piece, called “Hierarchical”. I love the way it all flows from a strict, ordered process and yet produces such an organic, vibrant result. From a distance I would have a hard time believing this is paper, much less a single uncut sheet of it! Goran also has an exhibition running currently in Phoenix, AZ, which includes this work. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to check out his art in person – probably at the Origami USA convention this June in NYC. Maybe I can even get him to share some of his design secrets!

Paul Jackson Corrugated Surface video

Paul Jackson, one of my favorite paper artists, put together this wonderful five minute video on making a corrugated paper surface: Paul is, of course, the master of this sort of folding, along with many other styles (see his website linked above for many beautiful examples). There’s been a good amount of interest in this style of folding lately, which I can’t talk about without mentioning my friend Ray Schamp, or his great Flickr group, Origami Corrugations. As someone heavily biased towards origami tessellations, I have a strong affinity towards this style of folding- tessellators see a lot of pleats, and it’s a rare day when I do not succumb to the pleasure of twisting pleats around to make interesting shapes and structures. (who can avoid it? If you haven’t tried, fold some pleats and try it sometime…) Footnote: check out Paul’s introductory video about himself and his work.