Month: March 2013

New Exhibition April 5-7 in Paris

My partner Ioana Stoian and I will be participating in a new exhibition on the weekend of April 5-6-7 in Yerres, France (on the southern edge of Paris). It’s for the Salon des Artisans & Metiers d’Art (Salon of artisans and masters of art) show at the Propriété Caillebotte, a beautiful chateau with extensive grounds and exhibition space. We are two of the 30 invited artists to be a part of this event, and are displaying together with a small number of other paper artists. We’re very excited about this opportunity, and will be exhibiting some of our largest origami pieces- including the 25 meter long piece we created last October. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions to this work!   Right now we’re wrapping up our pieces for the event, and working hard to finish the layout for Ioana’s upcoming new book – “Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds“. We have a busy schedule of origami convention appearances in May and several teaching events in June and July, so the next …

Origami Fan Diagrams

      Hello All, Here are some newly created diagrams for perhaps my only “easy” origami model, a simple fan made from an A4-sized sheet of paper. I’m quite fond of this little fan, it uses a unique method of radial pleating to create a very useable result! As with all of my diagrams, these are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License, which allows you to share them and re-use them with appropriate attribution and sharing. (Find out more on Creative Commons licenses) Download the PDF diagrams here, and feel free to share them with others! Additionally, if you want to take this model up a notch in style and complexity, divide the paper into 16ths instead of 8ths, and it will make a more pleasing curved fan and a skinnier handle as well. For more advanced folders only! I hope you enjoy this model as much as I do. Eric