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New Exhibition April 5-7 in Paris

My partner Ioana Stoian and I will be participating in a new exhibition on the weekend of April 5-6-7 in Yerres, France (on the southern edge of Paris). It’s for the Salon des Artisans & Metiers d’Art (Salon of artisans and masters of art) show at the Propriété Caillebotte, a beautiful chateau with extensive grounds and exhibition space. We are two of the 30 invited artists to be a part of this event, and are displaying together with a small number of other paper artists. We’re very excited about this opportunity, and will be exhibiting some of our largest origami pieces- including the 25 meter long piece we created last October. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions to this work!



Right now we’re wrapping up our pieces for the event, and working hard to finish the layout for Ioana’s upcoming new book – “Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds“. We have a busy schedule of origami convention appearances in May and several teaching events in June and July, so the next few months will involve a lot of travel around Europe for art and origami-related workshops and events. Phew!

Hope to see some of our French paper friends in Yerres in two weeks time!

Eric Gjerde


  1. Stephanie Snell says

    Hi, i’m looking for someone who could run an origami workshop for a large group in Paris, could you suggest anyone please?


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