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Origami for All – new book available!

I’m happy to announce that my partner Ioana Stoian‘s new book, Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds, has been published and is now available for purchase!

Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds

Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds

This book was a joint project between the two of us — Ioana developed 16 simple, elegant models, and I did all the diagramming and book layout work. I’m extremely pleased with how the finished product turned out. We published the book via our own publishing company, Busy Hands Books, and used a wonderful UK printer, Westdale Press in Cardiff, Wales. Printed the right way with offset lithography on high-quality 115gsm cream-colored Munken uncoated paper, with a dark-blue pantone 547U ink – it’s a book that feels lovely in the hands, and is a pleasure to use!

Check out some of the sample pages on the Origami for All website, along with photos of all 16 models contained within the book. My personal favorite is the Bat (although illustrating it was quite a challenge).

I’m very proud of our work on this book, and we are currently traveling around Europe going to origami conventions and bookshops doing events and demonstrations, especially here in the UK. If you are interested in having us come to your school or bookshop to do an origami workshop don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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