About Eric Gjerde

When asked by his parents what he wanted to be when he grew up, five-year-old Eric replied, “a paperologist.” Throughout his childhood and adolescence he enjoyed paper crafts and origami—a frequent birthday gift was stacks of paper and rolls of tape.

As an adult, Eric kept looking for an artistic outlet to restore his creative side, which had been repressed during a career in technology. He returned to his childhood love of paper, and discovered a deeper appreciation for the beauty of origami by exploring and researching new areas of folding. Six years later, he walked away from the corporate world to focus entirely on his art and exploration of paper. These days he focuses on the development of new biological paper processes and the geometry of origami tessellations.

Eric continues to fold, teach, and share his talent through art workshops, origami conventions, international art exhibitions, and through his popular site on the Internet. He works out of his studio in Strasbourg, France. You can learn more about Eric’s passion for paper art at www.origamitessellations.com, and his personal CV/portfolio site at www.ericgjerde.com.

Please send inquiries and correspondence to origomi@mac.com.


  1. manny says

    hey eric

    i came across your site and dig your work. i see you also reside in minneapolis. As do i! I am actually a recent grad and express my creativity by focusing on digital art, more specifically, glitches and glitch-alikes. good luck with your school hunt.

  2. Michasli says

    Hi Eric,
    Your work is great. I just entered the world of origami tessellations and I am amazed. Just a question. It is very hard to find here in Greece the proper paper for origami tessellations, could you please provide me some sources where I can purchase paper?

  3. nycdesigner says

    Eric’s book has sailed and is doing great!

    Now get a companion calendar for the academic year for August 2009–December 2010, a full 17 months of beautiful pin-ups of origami tess heaven.

    See a preview at http://www.tr.im/nziH

  4. What I like about Eric is he is a humble person. He casually says he likes to fold paper then I find out he has a book out and an awesome website. Wow, can he fold paper!

  5. Lisa Moore says

    Hi Eric, I’m working my way thru your book. I’m currently on the Stacked Triangles. I’m loving it. I was just wondering if you would mind telling me the various kinds of paper you used in the photos for your book. Some of them I recognize as Elephant Hide or glassine but others…I’m not so sure. They are gorgeous. So vibrant and crisp. Mine seem to generally end up pretty crumpled by the time I’m done. :-).

  6. Hi!
    My name Is Raya and a big fan of your Work. I am an Interior architecture student from Germany and I’m going to be finished very soon. My thesis Theme is about explaining Ornaments, specialy Islamic Oranaments with Geometrie and Tessilation Origami. I would love to meet you and get some tips when possible, I have also bought your book. Are you going to be in Europe soon?
    My Guid Professor, Mr. Marco Hemmerling who is a talented Designer and Architect and teaching Computer Aided Design (CAD)is also doing this semester a Master Projekt with Tessilations and Architecture connecting with CAD.

    So please let me Know if it is possible to meet you soon.

    best regards Raya

  7. I will be attempting to apply these techniques to fabric. Where can I send you pictures if and when I am successful? Thank you so much for you thorough explanation and thank you for keeping this stuff free. I will be sure to mention this fantastic website to any curious parties. Once again, thank you!


  8. hallo eric i rearli would like to kontakt jou tried it often but i think no mail did reach jou
    please write me a schort mail that i can reach jou
    sow a lot of jour pics thay all exelent
    greatings stephan

  9. jennifer berringer says

    I have your book. I have been folding ever since. Folding is a way of knowing about possibility.. I teach little kids(K-8) about mysterious things in plain materials.So they are learning the basic twist folds on recycled computer paper..! they know good stuff when they see it. thanks again.

  10. Dear Sir,
    Nature Club of Pakistan is working to establish an origami chapter in the club to promote Origami among youth of Pakistan.
    At present we need Origami Models to hold exhibitions in different schools to introduce this art among youth. It will motivate youth to join us to learn it. Can we expect your support for our cause?
    Looking forward for a generous offer of origami models for our exhibitions.
    Kind Regards
    Muhammad Raza Khan
    Nature Club of Pakistan
    115-H , Model Town,

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  15. Zachariah Z. says

    This takes me way back. A “paperologist” sometimes meant delivering the newspaper on the video game ‘Paper Boy’ via Nintendo Entertainment Systems, other times cutting jeans in thin strips soaking them in milky waters with a dollop of rubber cement with news paper strips and water, pressing the pulp water then air drying on a clothes line.

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