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Star spring, standing

Star spring, standing

Originally uploaded by Melisande*.

Mélisande folded one of Fujimoto’s designs after some long hard work looking for the crease pattern.

Here’s her flickr text:


Creator : Shuzo Fujimoto
CP in book : Origami El Mundo Nuevo, by Kasahara, published 1989 by Sanrio(Japan), ISBN 4387892544.

This is a baby star spring : original model starts from square paper and has 10 stars. I was intimidated by the idea of collapsing points by rows of 10, so I reduced the thing to a rectangle 12/22.

Here you see 5 stars and 2 half-stars instead of the 6 I’ve planned, I probably made a wrong valley/mountain assignement during collapse, cannot read japanese instructions.

Nevertheless, I’m glad how it turned out. It is a wonderfull model, another side of Fujimoto’s genius.

I don’t know if it should be called a tessellation ? Maybe it is closer to box-pleating ?

Infinite-origami made last year a ridged triangle tessellation that shares some similarities with the above.

I’ve seen this before, in the photos of Dribalz (Dr Eyeballs?), helpfully reminded of this by Mélisande earlier today- the link is here.

This is an ingenious design, and definitely not how I thought it would fold. As with all of his designs, I am extremely impressed.

Thanks, Mélisande, for folding this and sharing it with us.


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