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Voronoi tessellation, test 1 (twisted)

a test piece from a new working theory of pleating.

polygons are defined by the same methodology used to make Voronoi tessellations; borders are then used as a reference crease along with the central point of the polygon to create the appropriate “fold flat” crease pattern. in this case, you can see the original 1/2 pleat creasings, which were further divided into 1/4 width pleats.

This was a test using random polygons; other methods of more usefulness (applications for use with regular polygonal shapes) are in development.

much fruit on this tree, I think. I hope I am able to refine my ideas enough to make them usable.

if you find this idea interesting at all, please drop me a line at origomi [ at ] I’d be happy to talk to you about it.

the untwisted version, below.

random polygon tessellation, test 1 (untwisted)

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