Month: February 2012

some recent photographs

Here are some items which I have photographed over the last few days. An old design of mine, folded from a sheet of my bio-paper. the diagram for this work is available in this PDF. A Voronoi tessellation, folded from random points. Generated with pen drops to create the initial state. The reverse of my stacked triangles pattern, demonstrating once again the dual nature of tessellation geometry. I like the simplicity of this photo. I owe a long write-up on the bio-paper process that I have been developing over the last several years, but that’s still a ways off yet. More on that to come as the spring progresses and my fermentation room warms up so I can grow more paper.  

Moorish Stars - Eric Gjerde

Moorish Stars Crease Pattern

I’ve had this pattern in my head for a long time now, and only recently was I able to realize it in a way that was satisfactory to me. It uses a combination of the hinged-pleat flagstone style and the traditional straight-pleat style that origami folders are used to. It’s based on a traditional Islamic tiling which I have always been fond of, and it’s my pleasure to share the crease pattern with you. You can download it here in a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licensed PDF.

Vincent Floderer

A visit with Vincent Floderer

Last November, we had a chance to meet up with French artist Vincent Floderer, at his home and studio in southwestern France. I had always wanted to meet Vincent – his crumpling techniques and artistic style are unique, and extremely appealing to me in their wonderful organic style. I found him to be even more amazing in person than I could have imagined, and he gave me a lot to think about with regards to my own work. Here’s a few selected images and a short video clip from our visit, and some additional images from one of Vincent’s gallery exhibitions with Viereck Verlag last June.