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Origami Crumpling Instructions

Here’s another instructional video, covering the simplest of the Vincent Floderer-style crumpling techniques. If you’re unaware of this style of folding, it was brought to the awareness of the global origami community via Paul Jackson, a British origamist and designer. Vincent Floderer learned this technique and really developed it to new heights, and has been focusing primarily on it for more than two decades now! I highly recommend checking out his website to see some of the amazing examples of his work.

Give this model a try and let me know how it turns out for you!



    • David says

      The tissue paper I have from Michaels does not hold the shape as well as the tissue in the video. Any help? Great information.

      • ericgjerde says

        Well, two things: not all tissue paper is equal – if it’s crisper and snappier, then it will work better. We went through quite a few packs looking for some with the right texture. If it’s too soft, it won’t shape as well. There’s some types of tissue that are treated with a bit of wax or plastic – like glassine paper – which can also be crumpled well. It’s usually a trial and error thing until you find some that works best.

        Secondly, some of it is technique… if you are crumpling and you don’t keep the creases nice and tight, they have a tendency to get all smooshed up and then the shapes won’t hold together as well. Likewise if you haven’t crumpled enough, the model won’t look as nice – so spend some more time at each stage crumpling. The idea is to make as many parallel creases and crumples in the paper as possible, and as uniformly as possible. This takes a little bit of time and practice to do well!

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