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Tessellation Basics booklet now available – free PDF!

Tessellation primer booklet

Tessellation primer booklet

Well, I had all the best intentions to add more content to this booklet – but it’s hard for me not to just put in all the material from my book! So I’m posting it now in the same format that I used at the Origami USA convention this summer.

Download the PDF

This document is just a small taste of the material from the book, put together from some of the draft work and preliminary writings. The final product is quite lengthier and more detailed, as well as more polished. (Editors are very good at taking text like mine and making it readable!)

This 8 page booklet is meant to be printed on 11×17 (or A3, in a pinch) double-sided- so it can be folded into a proper booklet shape.

I had a lot of fun putting this together- thanks again to Jamie and Jeff for helping me to create and format this document!


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