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Origamic Architecture

Masahiro Chatani’s Origamic Architecture.

Lloyd’s of London (ロイズオブロンドン)

Todaiji Temple-Daibutsu-Den (東大寺 大佛殿)

Cathedral (大聖堂)

While this isn’t origami, it is a very fascinating bit of papercraft.

Masahiro Chatani is really the main founder of this art style, or at least the one who truly brought it to fruition. photos from his site (and links) are above.

From Ingrid’s site, linked below:

Some say that Origamic Architecture is a part of Origami and some say it is not. So one is divided about this issue. This confusion arises because the folding part is essential in making an Origamic Architecture card; by folding, one models a card into shape. However, when a card is made it is primarily done by cutting. Masahiro Chatani consequently calls his books Origamic Architecture.

Now I’m a bit of an origami purist, at least in the “no cuts” category; but that’s more to keep my mind focused, not because I dislike papercraft that involves cutting. Paper in general is a fabulous resource that has unlimited possibilities. Sticking to one sheet with no cuts keeps me from falling over that “endless” abyss, and allows me to focus on maximizing what I can do within my artificial self-imposed constraints. I find the helpful; am I alone in that?

Perhaps that’s why I find this art form so interesting- it has many of the same things (strict limitations, one sheet of paper) as origami, yet it primarily involves cutting. So very different but quite similar at the same time.

some other Origamic Architecture links:


  1. Saif Haobsh says

    I believe this is not a form of origami, but believe it is kirigami. Which I find more amuzing.

  2. Administrator says

    yes, it’s definitely a kirigami form of art; there are some interesting aspects of this particular art form that involve folding, but it’s not the same.

    that being said, I find anything that pushes boundaries to be intriguing, and this certainly is one of them.

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  5. Administrator says

    Hello, Ingrid! I saw your new site just yesterday, and it’s full of beautiful pieces.

    I would agree that “paper architecture” is a more fitting name, as well.

    I particularly like your work, as it seems that you are very focused on this one segment of paper art (and very good at it)… I understand this focus, I think, because I am similarly oriented in my fixation with tessellations.

    Do you find that having this clarity of artistic choice liberates or confines you? I often have a hard time with this, as it often seems to be both.

    All that being said, I greatly enjoy your artwork, and look forward to seeing new art from you!


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  7. Hi Eric,

    I while ago I have answered your question on the liberation or confine issue privatly.

    For people that are going to visit The Netherlands this summer and are interested: there will be a International Holland Paper Biennial (the 6th one). Art work of 28 artists, from all over the world, will be exhibit in two museums. The press release can be found here:
    The (new) pieces that I will bring into this exhibition, can be found here:


  8. Administrator says

    Wow! that is some amazing new material, Ingrid!

    I’ll make sure I post an updated message about your show very soon!

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