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Kirigami Book by Jeff Rutzky now available!

Our good friend Jeff Rutzky recently wrapped up a book on kirigami, which is packaged in a delightful boxed kit. It’s now available at Barnes & Noble stores, as well as online at

Jeff Rutzky: Kirigami
Kirigami: Exquisite Projects to Fold and Cut (

We’re particularly fond of this book because it features some pieces by my wife Bekah as well a piece inspired by some of my tessellation ideas. I’ve talked about Bekah’s kirigami work previously; she has been very pleased about the opportunity to contribute to Jeff’s book.

It also features work from some of my favorite paper artists, including Paul Jackson, Chris Palmer, Christiane Bettens, Ingrid Siliakus, Fernando Sierra, Jen Stark, and many more.

I think perhaps my favorite feature of the book was the quantity of art included- as motivational and inspirational examples of what is out there in the world of paper cutting. I can honestly say that it opened my eyes to some things I had never even thought possible.

Congratulations on the book release Jeff!


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