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Current and Future Exhibitions

I recently shipped 5 pieces to Vancouver for an upcoming exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery, coinciding with the PCOC 2007 convention. Much of it is new work, representing some new folding concepts and ideas that I have been exploring lately.

PCOC Gallery Exhibition Items, 1/5
Night Creature, 2007

PCOC Gallery Exhibition Items, 2/5
Odd Man Out, 2007

PCOC Gallery Exhibition Items, 3/5
Printemps, 2007

PCOC Gallery Exhibition Items, 4/5
Pecten Magellanicus, 2007

PCOC Gallery Exhibition Items, 5/5
Vertebral Stretch, 2007

I also have a number of pieces on display at the Treasures of Origami Art exhibition at the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in Haifa, Israel. This wonderful exhibition was the product of much hard work and planning by Dr. Saadya Sternberg, who was kind enough to ask me to participate.

The Tikotin exhibition is currently open, and will be running until December 2007. The Pendulum Gallery exhibition will be from October 29 – November 10, 2007, in Vancouver, Canada.

Something I mentioned to my wife the other day- I have yet to participate in any gallery or museum exhibitions here in the United States! I hope to have a show in my hometown of Minneapolis some day soon, but so far I seem to spend most of my time shipping my creations abroad. At least I’m getting much better at filling out customs paperwork!


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