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Andrew Hudson’s exploratory work

I’ve been following the continued explorations of Andrew Hudson, via his Flickr stream.

Lately, he’s been working with a series of three-dimensional tessellation structures, particularly stretched pleats and box pleating. These are some areas that I have explored recently as well – there’s much fertile ground here for new ideas. Seeing what he thinks of and all his conceptual work is very inspiring, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his constructs as time goes on.

Here’s a small sampling of his work, with links to the original flickr images.

Spherical Distortion (backlit etc.)

Spherical Distortion

Rosette-- Backlit

Strange Fruit

Check out this box pleated house structure – imagine pleating together a whole city? Andrew linked to this additional blog post, as well, with another fantastic box-pleated house… it serves as a good example of what can be further be done.


This reminds me, of course, of a recent work by one of my favorite Italian origami creators, Lorenzo Marchi. When I see this design, all I can think of is a proto-city, waiting for tall skinny skyscrapers to grow upwards, making an entire cityscape. If one was sufficiently ambitious, I suppose an entire landscape could be created, from the city core to the rural countryside. I’d love to see that!

3D cubes tessellation
3D Cubes, by Lorenzo Marchi


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