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tessellations by Jorge

Jane tipped me off to Jorge’s new tessellations.

he folded Fujimoto’s Clover and Hydrangea, two amazingly beautiful tessellations from the original master:

Fujimoto Clover

Fujimoto Hydrangea

And something that made me very happy, two of my designs:

Spread Hexagon

Tiled Hexagon

They are wonderful, Jorge! welcome to the world of tessellation folding!


  1. Jorge says

    Thank you, Eric! Although you and Jane should have warned me that tessellation madness is a serious condition, and apparently, very contagious. I just can’t stop folding now.


  2. Administrator says

    Well, it is a lot of fun, and I think it makes you start seeing the world differently. (and not always in a good way.)

    I see patterns everywhere, now, and think to myself: “Hey, I could fold that.”

    Inspiration comes from everywhere.

    Just make sure you spread the disease, that’s all we can ask for.

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