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Bauhaus Paperfolding Workshop in Asheville NC March 8th!



I’m fascinated with the paper folding exercises that were used by Josef Albers in the Bauhaus School, and then later on at the Black Mountain College in North Carolina. These folding exercises helped students to learn about the properties of materials, and were one of the fundamental tools that Albers used to guide his students to think differently. One of his guiding principles was “learning by doing”, or “Werklehre” in German. This was also the organizing principle of the Black Mountain College, so it’s not surprising that he came to BMC after he fled Nazi Germany (along with so many of the Bauhaus instructors!)

To that end, I’m giving a short workshop on Bauhaus paperfolding and a talk on origami this Tuesday, March 8th starting at 4PM at the Asheville Bookworks in Asheville, NC, in conjunction with the Book and Print Arts Collective of Western North Carolina. If you are interested in attending, please register via email by March 6th.

The talk on origami will begin around 5:30PM, so if you wish to just attend the talk, that’s fine too – you’ll just miss out on all the fun folding beforehand.

Items to bring:

  • a bone folder for making strong creases
  • a snack and a drink to share after the workshop, which is your contribution to the event

You need to register for the event to attend, so please do so if you wish to come! it should be a lot of fun, and we’ll have some great origami show-and-tell exhibits to share.


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