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Paul Jackson Corrugated Surface video

Paul Jackson, one of my favorite paper artists, put together this wonderful five minute video on making a corrugated paper surface:

Paul is, of course, the master of this sort of folding, along with many other styles (see his website linked above for many beautiful examples). There’s been a good amount of interest in this style of folding lately, which I can’t talk about without mentioning my friend Ray Schamp, or his great Flickr group, Origami Corrugations.

As someone heavily biased towards origami tessellations, I have a strong affinity towards this style of folding- tessellators see a lot of pleats, and it’s a rare day when I do not succumb to the pleasure of twisting pleats around to make interesting shapes and structures. (who can avoid it? If you haven’t tried, fold some pleats and try it sometime…)

Footnote: check out Paul’s introductory video about himself and his work.


  1. Very cool… I’ve been folding forms like this for some time now, and have a different method for setting the folds which allows for more control over the angle and also for some interesting variations. This inspires me to make a similar video showing those techniques…


  2. Hi Ian,

    I’d like to see your method. Please look at my site to see my method and variations — sorry for replying like this, I couldn’t find your email address on your website.


  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog Eric! You’re right, I didn’t leave a link for Paul, and I’ve updated my blog to correct it. Thanks for your encouragement. With time, hopefully I’ll be able to create origami as great as yours!
    Paper Nellie

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