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Laser-cut art book by Olafur Eliasson

Artist Olafur Eliasson created this piece, a laser-cut negative space rendering of his house in 85:1 scale:

Your House

It’s made of 454 slices, bound together in a book. Apparently it was quite a difficult process to put together, due to the complex constraints that were put upon the paper. From what I understand it was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

The folks that produced the book are a laser-cutting house that specializes in paper-cutting, called Visionen in Papier (Visions in Paper). I’m actually even more interested in what they are capable of doing, and the kinds of services they provide- check out some of their other examples of their work.

As this piece combines books, paper cutting, laser cutters, architecture, and paper making, it hits a broad area of things I really enjoy- so I pass it along to you, readers, in the hope you find it interesting as well.

Olafur Eliasson 1
Olafur Eliasson 4
Olafur Eliasson 3
Olafur Eliasson 2
Olafur Eliasson 5
Olafur Eliasson 6
Olafur Eliasson 7
Olafur Eliasson 8

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Link from Бунт Архитекторов!, my favorite Russian website!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Eric! Olafur Eliasson is probably my favorite artist, and I had heard he was making this, but this is the first I’ve seen of it. Fabulous!

  2. Hi. well its my first comment in your page, i just want yo say WOW thats awesome

  3. brdparker says

    wow… like always, I am amazed at the versitility of a piece (or multiple) of paper… wow…

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  5. yes! oh dear…i saw this at an art book/print fair in nyc- it was ‘reasonably’ priced for what it was (i think they were selling their copy for $1500 – already they are going for way more) gorgeously detailed. one piece of art i wish i could have purchased.
    i’m happy to see it again!

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  7. says

    I’ve seen it, too, at MoMA, when it was published last fall. It was published by the MoMA Library Council, whose supporters got first dibs on the edition [though I thought it was more like $3,000]. Anyway, it’s spectacular, and a marvel to flip through [not that I flipped, more like “carefully paged,” of course]

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  15. Delightful and creative! It so amazes me that humans are capable of. Thanks for posting this artwork. I would love to see a video of this book showing someone flipping the pages – art in motion.

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  17. Trey says

    I just saw a copy of this at the Design Museum in London – very cool. If you are interested in laser-cutting check out – it lets you upload design files and get laser cut material mailed back to your doorstep 🙂

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  20. wowwww!!!,its awesomw what you do with a simple piece of paaper… link me up,i would like see yours often

  21. Dexter says

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  23. wowwww!!!,its awesomw what you do with a simple piece of paaper… link me up,i would like see yours often

  24. Do you accept guest posts? I like the technique how you wrote Origami Tessellations » Blog Archive » Laser-cut art book by Olafur Eliasson, I’m in this topic for ages and I would love to write couple articles right here in case you agree with me.

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  27. the kid says

    damn thats some of the koolest art ive ever seen props to who ever can do that

  28. Very cool art form. Such an interesting application for laser cutting!! If you are an artist or graphic designer and find yourself in need of laser cutting services, LaserLogik is a good source for laser cutting paper, vellum, light plastics and a variety of other materials.

  29. That is a truly amazing design. The amount of detail that laser etching has is very cool. I want to see what it can do on a larger scale!

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