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Origami Tessellations: The Book

An alert Flickr friend let me know that my book appeared on

Origami Tessellations: Fantastic Paper Geometry


I’m interested to see it listed, although it’s still in the final stages of layout and all that fun stuff. The “cover” shown is not the final one, but just the mock-up created for the catalog; I don’t know yet what the final cover will look like.

The final ship date is earlier than Jan 1, 2008- I hope, anyway- but nevertheless it’s not that far away, considering how much work still remains to be done on the publisher’s side of things.

Here’s the blurb text from Amazon, which (I’m guessing) is something that was written for the catalog that Lark sends out to all prospective purchasers.

Tessellations—shapes repeated over and over to fill a plane without overlapping—have inspired beautiful art, from intricate tile work to M.C. Escher’s playful graphics. Now, master origami artist Eric Gjerde has produced the same stunning kaleidoscopic patterns simply by folding paper! His awe-inspiring collection—the first of its kind—explores the creative possibilities of origami tessellations. The techniques will captivate anyone interested in papercrafting, mathematics, architecture, and design. Gjerde meticulously walks you through all the key folds and creases. Twenty-five projects are organized by complexity, beginning with the easy-to-learn Tiles Hexagon Tessellation and continuing to more exotic designs, like Arms of Shiva, Field of Stars, and Aztec Twist. Each one appears in extremely close-up photos—sometimes backlit—and an inspiring gallery of breathtaking tessellations by origami artists concludes the book.

So, things are moving along. This is the first visibly tangible evidence I have seen that this whole experience is actually real; it’s kind of strange, to be honest with you. I think when I hold the final result in my hands it’s going to be a very odd moment indeed.



The book has changed publishers, and will be re-listed under it’s new ISBN number. Find out more info here!


  1. Lorenzo says

    So you’ve finally finished it! I guess it’ll be kind of odd holding it in your hand….I wish you a lot of success with this book and surely to rise some interest to our tess community 😀 😀 go Eric go!!

  2. En Why See says

    Can you teach me how to dance the Aztec Twist?

    No really…congratulations…welcome to the authoring world. I hope it makes “tessing” more accessible to those that would otherwise be intimidated. As soon as I get my signed copy I will write a “Spotlight Review” on Amazon. “Five six-pointed stars!” That’s the head I’m going with for now…

  3. brdparker says

    Signed copy! Wow… do you really think he’d sign it if you asked him?


    In all serious though, congrats of the first tangible evidence of what I believe to be quite a bit of work. I seriously arrived on the flickr scene at about the time of the HIATUS pic, so I’m going off of this amount of knowledge.

    And I’d like to second the idea of greater accessibility to the otherwise intimidated….

  4. It’s not finished yet – there’s still lots of stuff happening, rewrites, etc.

    This is just the “hey this book is upcoming” thing they put out. Don’t get too excited yet 🙂

    It was quite a bit of work, but it would have been much harder without all the help and contributions of the tessellation community on Flickr!

  5. Oh how delightful! I’m a newcomer to tesselations from modular and I’m quite happy to see this. I’ll be sure to purchase a copy!

  6. Georgia says

    Congratulations on your work! I am also a newcomer to tesselations and fascinated by this origami world . How can I purchase your book? It is currently unavailable at the Can you let me know?

  7. Maité Kulesza says

    Hi, Eric!

    I would like to buy your book but I don´t find it in Amazon. Where can I buy it? Thanks,

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