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Foil FIT

Foil FIT

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My wife Bekah folded this wonderful model of Tom Hull’s the other afternoon, to display at the OUSA convention in NYC in a few weeks.

I have always considered this to be one of the really difficult designs out there, and yet she did it in just a few hours. I’m glad she doesn’t fold tessellations or I’d be out of a job! 🙂


  1. An impressive job of putting together an impressive model.

    Although the directions are excellent, it still requires a lot of 3D modeling in your head while your threading the units through and attaching the corners.

  2. BRDParker says

    Yeah, very nice… I’ve tried this before, but could never get it… Out of the job indeed!

  3. Andrew says

    Nice job. As one who has folded one from paper, and used that as my template to do one from $ (all with the green side showing), I know the effort Bekah put into this. I’ve been asked numerous times to make the $ version for people and I consistently refuse. It is a model that gave me nightmares in assembling the $ version and I vowed never to do another one.

  4. I am most definitely not a modular folding kind of guy- so I was a bit surprised at watching her put this together in a few hours. For me, it would take forever, because I just can’t model this sort of thing in my head nor do I have the patience to fold dozens of little tiny identical pieces.

    The dollar bill version would be interesting to see, but I’m not sure I’d want to tie up 30 (or 60!) dollars in an origami model 🙂 the novelty factor must be huge, though…

  5. no haha says

    haha yeah i really hate modular models i like tesselations and insects, but that is pretty cool looking.

  6. I, too, have ATTEMPTED to assemble the money version. I could intertwine three of the 3-D triangles together, but could never fit in the last two. It was incredibly frustrating and I don’t forsee trying it again anytime soon.

    Congratulations! You make it seem easy!

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