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Teaching Tessellation Basics at OUSA

Bekah and I are heading to NYC tomorrow morning, to do a little touristing and personal meet-ups before the Origami USA convention June 22-25 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

I will be teaching two classes, one complex class on folding tessellations from this scallop shell unit, and one intermediate class on "tessellation basics". To that end, I whipped together a little booklet covering a few of the basic concepts, using some materials and ideas from my upcoming book. It’s really just a bit of a taste of the topic, but I wanted to help people grasp some of the simple bits, so the class would be a bit easier to teach- teaching is hard work, and I get easily sidetracked.

I will be posting a version of the 8 page booklet online after the convention, once I have an opportunity to shake out anything that the class (or others) feel is a little confusing, needs clarification, etc.

Jamie Kelley of Vancouver helped out enormously by taking my random snippets of text and imagery and wrangling them into a nice collection of pages. Thanks so much, Jamie! I’m very impressed with the final product.

For those of you going to the convention, who might be in NYC ahead of time- if you’d like to meet up for coffee or dinner please shoot me an email at, and we’ll see what we can arrange. I’m hoping to spend some quality time talking with other like-minded folders without the crush of the convention atmosphere, so if you’re interested in having a chat let me know.

Oddly enough, I always seem to travel on my birthday- tomorrow I turn 29 years old. The last year seems to have just whizzed past at a rapid pace. What new exciting things will the next year hold? I can’t wait to find out.

UPDATE: You can now download the PDF!


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