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Irregular Flagstone Tessellation, by Fredrik Owesen

Irregular Flagstone – Front

Originally uploaded by Owesen.

Ray Schamp gave me a heads up on this – Fredrik Owesen posted a fantastic design, made up of completely random polygons tiled in a flagstone pattern.

This has long been something I have wanted to see, and I am not surprised at all to see it coming from Fredrik- he’s a source of many new ideas, and I know he’s been working a lot of randomized folding in the last few months.

For technical details: I’m just making some guesses here, but I think he used his unique “random folding from base polygons” technique, and then squashed the resulting pleats in half to create double pleats between each polygon. This seems pretty tricky, mostly because generating the twists for such intersections cleanly can be difficult! He alludes to this in the comments, in reference to very small angles, and very large angles (that approach 180 degrees) and how that results in huge triangles that are very narrow, etc.

But my Voronoi tessellation loving heart just can’t get over the beautiful, cellular *randomness* of this design. It’s just wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us, Fredrik.


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