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Large collection of Waterbomb Tessellations

Ben Parker (brdparker on flickr) has posted a great collection of waterbomb tessellations recently- 132 photos, in all! Ben says this is all part of a tutorial/write-up on waterbomb based tessellations, which I am eagerly looking forward to reading.

Quite a few of us on Flickr have been folding all sorts of waterbomb-esque tessellation things in the last few months, although the real breakthroughs with this sort of technique comes from the “flagstone” tessellations of Joel Cooper, who has been creating magnificent works of art in this style for years. It is only recently that others of us have been able to sort out some of the methods of this type of construction, and of course we all seem to have approached it from different ways.

Many of the pieces posted here by Ben are not flagstone tessellations, following the intricate style popularized by Joel (great example here), but instead some interesting 3D pieces that remind me a lot of the work of Polly Verity and Ray Schamp. Also, I see a bit of Frank Van Kollem in some of these pieces, as well. But many are new and different, and resemble nothing I have seen before, and that’s always of great pleasure to me. New works are always wonderful to experience.

Many of the photos are low-res, but that’s the breaks when you’ve got a free account on flickr- sounds like a great opportunity for someone out there to step up and sponsor a Pro account, in my opinion…

If you’re a flickrite, I highly recommend adding Ben to your contacts list, so you don’t miss gems like this when they come along.


Here’s a few sample photos:


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