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Some origami links and inspiration

Been very quiet here as I wrangle some personal and professional monsters. More frequent posting will resume soon. Look for a good writeup on up-and-coming paper artist Jen Stark shortly!

Reposting this short list- it was something I sent to the Origami Mailing List a week ago. Some nice things to admire, and/or be inspired by (or make yourself!)


Not all just origami, but also some paper art and folding architecture things too. The list has been rather quiet lately so here’s some things to look at.,3916,516776-2680-1,00.html
A nice article on the mathematics of origami, in Portuguese
Wonderful paper sculptures (lots of sliceforms!) by Gail Barlow (thanks to J. Rutzky for the link)
Free foldable cardboard furniture designs for kids
Fantastic tessellated membrane, mechanically controlled for architectural purposes (I dream about this sort of stuff, and here it is in real life!)
Some very nice tessellations on a russian paper architecture site- great curved pieces
great PDF from Japan on Furoshiki, cloth gift wrapping – with lots of styles illustrated
the artwork of Polly Verity, an amazingly gifted paper artist in the UK
Nanostructured origami fabrication and assembly – some great promise here
gallery of origamic / paper architecture pieces, a wide variety
some new works by Joan Michaels Paque – enormous wall-sized sculptures
Many, many photos of waterbomb-based tessellations, by Ben Parker – tantalizingly part of a lengthy tutorial / write-up


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