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The Institute For Figuring // Online Exhibit: Mathematical Paper Folding

I am in love with The Institute for Figuring. If you’re at all interested in geometric art, tessellations, chaos, fractals, or really anything- you should become a member. It’s highly worthwhile.

Crocheted Hyperbolic Plane

Crocheted Hyperbolic Plane, copyright IFF

From their website:

The Institute For Figuring is an educational organization dedicated to enhancing the public understanding of figures and figuring techniques. From the physics of snowflakes and the hyperbolic geometry of sea slugs, to the mathematics of paper folding and graphical models of the human mind, the Institute takes as its purview a complex ecology of figuring.

It’s like someone took EVERYTHING out there that I find interesting, and wrapped it up into a non-profit with a cool website, publications, and speaking events! Fantastic stuff.

To whet your appetite, there’s a rather good article on mathematical paper folding on their site currently:

The Institute For Figuring // Online Exhibit: Mathematical Paper Folding



  1. Tove says

    Thank you for posting this link. For someone interested in geometrics and similar subjects, but also an avid knitter/crocheter, this is a perfect combination. Origami is something I have discovered quite recently. I am currently in a “textile phase”, knitting a lot, and I have been reluctant to give up my medium of choice for paper (there are no good paper sources close to my home either). Now I can explore hyperspace with my yarn!

  2. Waleed Al gharabally says

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  3. Cynthia M. Head says

    I saw the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef in Chicago at the Cultural Center last December and didn’t buy the book “A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space” in the gift store that day. When I went back – they were all sold out. Can I get this manual from your web site or can I have an address and price so I can send for it. I am a knitter and I was totally blown away by this display. What creativity! I will never forget this display of craft-work and the written labels and explanations were very informative. Great job!

  4. Richard R. Bradshaw says

    MS. Head:

    Did you find how to order the book? If so would you please let me know how. It sounds very interesting.

    Thank You,
    Richard (
    (Los Angeles)

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