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Origami Rose by Oschene

O³ Rose, 0.4

Philip Chapman-Bell, also known on the origami circuit as Oschene, just posted a crease pattern for this absolutely wonderful origami Rose, folded from a circle of paper. It has pentagonal symmetry! Marvelous!

Visit his website and download the CP.

Furthermore, as with all of his works, it is released under a very permissive Creative Commons license, which permits people to share, copy, print, and modify his designs, with a few limitations (share your creations under the same license, and no commercial use.) This is a great way to publish origami materials, as it allows individual users worldwide to use and share to their heart’s content while protecting the work from commercial exploitation by ethically-challenged people. Win-win, as far as I can see. I encourage you to think about releasing some diagrams in the same way, fearless reader!

O³ Rose, 0.4, reverse


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