Month: March 2005

weird hex box thing

weird hex box thing Originally uploaded by Origomi. I came up with this thing last night- I think it can be “towerized”. the bottom came together nicely in a spiral sort of way, and the extra fold along the edges made a locking edge to make it stay together. take a look at the back side of it on the flickr photostream. I steamed it over the kettle and it got all hot inside- it made me think of dumplings and I got all hungry! but it’s not a tasty treat, unfortunately. and I can’t fold dumplings well to save my life- the last time we folded up a bunch of gyoza it took me several hours to get a groove going without making a mess. ah, but the steaming bit didn’t help it harden up. it was worth a shot, anyway. I’ll have to try using some thicker paper and see what happens.

first layer of “tiled” triangle fold, top

first layer of "tiled" triangle fold, top Originally uploaded by Origomi. A lot of people seem to want instructions or crease patterns for this thing, so I’m putting some together. hopefully it will make sense. I’m looking to get a snappy document together using iWork’s Pages app, but we’ll see if I can put up with it long enough to make that happen or not. I never knew diagramming was so hard…

many layer “spread” hex fold, top closeup

many layer "spread" hex fold, top closeup Originally uploaded by Origomi. here’s a photo of a fold I uploaded to flickr. I didn’t realize there was a 10 MB cap on monthly uploads (eesh!) so I only was able to upload 8 instead of about 40 pix. whoops. I’ll have to spring for the paid account, I guess. Anyway, this is an example of a “spread” hex fold (which is what I arbitrarily decided to call it this morning). if you check out my photo stream on flickr, it has the full photo, the reverse, etc.