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Pleat Explosion, experiment one

Exploring different possibilities in folding; approaching tessellations from a more organic angle.

My first attempt at this thought, not quite what I was envisioning but acceptable for the initial try.

Made from light green elephant hide, wetfolded.


  1. andrew says

    This reminds me of Paul Jackson’s stuff… Actually really the same technique, I think.

  2. Someone else said that too, about another piece I did after this one. I know that he did a lot of experimenting with pleating, and making organic shapes, but I’m not really trying to emulate him here. I think I have some different goals in mind. But then again, he did all this sort of thing years ago, so it would seem that anything I come up with isn’t anything new anyway.

    Following my own ideas seems to be an impossibility anymore, no matter what I try to fold I am duplicating someone…

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