1. Alvin says

    It looks magnificent, if you got the diagram for this origami masterpiece, please send it to my hotmail: http://www.alvinhessing@hotmail.com , I am a origami “freak” but the library doesn’t have these sort of books…

    I would be very pleased to gain the diagram to fold it myself.

    Typed by Alvin, 14 years old.
    Origami forever!

  2. Alvin, I don’t have diagrams for this but I think they might be in his latest book- available online via Sasuga, Kinokuniya, and probably Amazon.com. I would do a google search and see if you can find it. His work is so complex that you really want to have diagrams for it in front of you, rather than a scanned crease pattern…

  3. youcanfoldit says

    Avin you have some digram for us why dont you creat a model instead of just ask for diagramuc

  4. drunkin boxer says

    I love love asian culture and origami. I highly respect your work and your openness to your viewer [your diagram page]. I’m 18 and I’ve been doing origami for about 4 years. You are a master of your craft and I bow in respect to you and your craft. I want to be as good as you and would love to learn from you through your diagrams. Especially the phoenix. I look at everything you’ve made in awe and wonder.

    You’re loyal fan,


  5. Nuregami says

    Woah, I only know a basic form of Cerberus, and I’m bad at making it!

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