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Tomohiro Tachi: origami laptop PC

Tomohiro Tachi has some amazing origami creations; check out the various galleries for some eye-opening creations. I particularly like the household objects and other things he’s created. My personal favorite, though? This one:

Tomohiro Tachi notePC not complete

it’s an ENTIRE LAPTOP PC created from one sheet of paper. This, needless to say, is the most enjoyable geek origami I have ever seen. This isn’t a finished work, but you can see all the detail and how it folds together. The crease pattern even has specific jack and port breakdowns on each side. Amazing.

He has the crease pattern posted on his site as well- if you’re an intrepid folder, perhaps you want to give it a try?

The site is in Japanese, but crease patterns and photos are pretty universal, and there’s english entries for all the major things as well. take a look!


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