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Rhombic Flowers

Hi everyone,

I’m getting all packed and ready to head off to Japan tomorrow for the JOAS convention this weekend in Tokyo! They’ve honored me quite a bit by inviting me there as a guest, and I hope to make it a very tessellation-centric time 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new friends!

I thought I’d post a crease pattern, as it’s been quite a long while…

Rhombic Flowers CP

So here’s a full CP for a design a did a while back called “Rhombic Flowers”. I’m not sure I have a finished model of this pattern, it’s just an idea that was kicking around my head; but it looks pretty neat, using rhombus twists to make star shapes. A good exercise in playing with rhombic twists, for sure 🙂

Let me know what you think! It’s on a 64 pleat grid, but by no means do you need to start so large. a 32 grid would be perfectly fine to start, bonus points for doing it on hexagonal paper. (You’ll like the final pattern better if it is even all around.)


Rhombic Flowers CP in PDF format

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