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Two-sided sequential hex star (star twist, version 2)

This design is a (logarithmically?) growing shape, which gets increasingly larger each time you change sides of the paper. My intention is to find a method of folding this all on one side, but for the time being this is where we are at.

it uses the normal 60 degree precreased grid for one side of the star, and the other side is based on a 60 degree grid that is offset by 30 degrees. This means that the stars are offset to each other, and don’t match up in any way, other than some odd geometry which I don’t quite understand yet.

Like other models (like the Fujimoto Lotus or Hydrangea) this item can be folded infinitely larger, as it keeps expanding to larger and larger sizes. I think, in fact, that it will grow using a logarithmic scale (I guess it must to do this) but I don’t know the details on what number it will be. I have ideas, but I’d rather keep folding and see how it turns out first; although I think it follows the Fibonacci sequence (my personal favorite.)

however, it’s rather neat how the sides go back and forth; this would be a great model folded with some tissue foil- when it’s not pressed flat it looks like a flower blossom.

I’ve been told this looks like my star twist, which is very true. I think this is that design but without all the bungling of extra paper. maybe I should call it star twist v2?

this is a work in progress, but I thought I’d share this interesting item with you. I hope to release an updated version soon. As always, your comments are very welcome.


(description lifted word-for-word from my flickr post.)

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