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Identify me?

I received an email from Florent, looking to identify this origami design and hopefully find diagrams for it.

It looks like a modular piece, but with a rather unique folding structure; somewhat like a hexagonal rose.

While I am obsessed with geometric origami and lighting, I can’t say that I know the creator of this piece… anyone out there have an idea? contact me.

UPDATE: I queried the Origami-L mailing list, and got many useful replies from people who have identified it. the most concise is here, from Sky:

Aperture – folded paper by Claire Norcross.

Claire Norcross has created lampshade designs that give different light
patterns depending on how they are folded.
She also gives lessons in origami in design.

She taught this lamp a while ago at The Hub in UK –


Thanks also to Mark Bolitho and Peter Mielke for the tip-off and the link:

hexagonal rose light 2

hexagonal rose light 1



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