1. Melisande says

    Very beautiful and interesting geometrical works !
    I’m wondering if with his machines it could be possible to emboss a hexagonal grid on paper, like the precreasing machine you are dreaming of ?

  2. Administrator says

    you and I were wondering the same thing, Melisande.

    Although I am thinking that if I have a plate of aluminum milled out with small, 1mm grooves in it- matching the typical triangular grid pattern- that if I put some unryu on it and treat it with MC (including rolling it flat) it will take on the grooves as something very similar to precreases. worth trying, anyway.

    I am thinking I should contact this guy sometime and ask him about some of his work, and see if there is anything worth connecting together about.

    of course, his art and tools are amazing! and here I am with only scraps of paper.

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