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stop-motion video of origami tessellation folding

I have a lot of superfluous photos from the book writing/documenting process – including many extra photos from the step-by-step photo shoots for the various projects included.

So here’s a bunch of them for the model “Bird Base Stars”, by my good friend Mélisande (or also Mélisande* on Flickr.) She graciously gave me permission to use this design in the book, along with a few other delightful patterns as well.

Nothing serious here, I just like to look at the way the pictures flow when I look at them in Aperture or flick through them on my computer, and I thought I’d try to share the same perspective with you.

Funny thing about this model: I folded this version (the easy one) and then a larger, more complex model from the same paper, and that beautiful blue just rubbed off all over my hands! between photographs I had to wipe my hands clean with rubbing alcohol. It looked like I was turning into a Smurf.

I hope the arriving spring finds you well, my friends! It’s a time of growth and renewal, and possibly my favorite season. Enjoy it!



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