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Faberge questions

Owesen asks:

Or are you aiming for the full deal, with two-headed eagles galore?

to which I reply:

the full deal with two-headed eagles! that would just be insane. maybe in 10 years from now.

Right now, I’m looking at getting a good egg shape. I figure if I can get that working, everything else can be done from there. I’ve started playing around with an octagonal base, but I might need more points to do what I’m trying to do here… I’m thinking I can incorporate some swirls from a star-like base to give me the crossing grid on the egg. If I can get something on the intersections that looks like a diamond, hexagon, star, etc that’s a big plus. I plan on folding one and then making some patterned paper to give me the “look” of the egg. any extra details I can do are all just icing on the cake.

as far as the egg opening, I thought of using two pieces of paper and finding a way to link them together… trying to do it out of one sheet just doesn’t seem practical.

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