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new triangle tessellation

new triangle tessellation
Originally uploaded by Origomi.

I was fiddling around with triangles again, and I broke down and started using some 30 degree angles as well as the normal 60 degree folds. this was a bit of a change, as I had previously been operating in some sort of weird purist mentality- I was trying to find everything that I could do with a very restrictive set of limitations, and slowly build on that.

While I haven’t found every basic fold that I can do with 60 degree angles, I think I understand enough about what I can and can’t do with the folds to branch out a bit from here.

I personally find strict limitations to be a positive thing at times, as it keeps the whole continuum of possibilities at bay- and allows you to focus more on what you *can* do with what you have. I think it helps you to hone your chops, so to speak.

but anyhow, back to this fold- I folded the peaks on this in a new method (to me) by folding an extra set of side folds into them. this means that on each side of the peak, there are 3 mountain folds, and two valley folds- and the valley folds only go half as deep as a “normal” fold (due to the 30 degree angles at the vertex instead of 60). these are very easy to flatten out, as the two new 30 degree-based valley folds meet to make two sides of an equilateral triangle. and this, of course, allows us to make something like a rabbit ear fold from a triangle base and fold the sucker flat. nifty how that worked out.

this would look quite nice with some patterned paper in a hexagonal shape. or, combining it with some other patterns to make some seriously complex tessellated work.

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